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The BRANDBOX Project 


I'm Tre'elle Tolbert, Founder of Tag It Brand It, a digital marketing and branding company. I started my company while transitioning from the US Navy to the civilian world back in 2016. After completing my BS in Psychology, in 2018 I knew I needed to start a business that allows me creative freedom and to serve that with the world.  For the past four years, I have been developing my company Tag it Brand It as a digital marketing and branding company. We are digital marketers, branding therapists, and content creators.


What I've discovered is we're a brand that impacts Personal, Economic, & Community Development. So we shifted our focus by taking a new approach to branding and marketing and now, we are in a new industry we call digital agriculture where we farm dreams, visions, and purposed solutions that change the future.  We will do this by creating an app and service we call "the BrandBox."

At Brandbox, we are building a community where culture meets opportunities through creative spaces (physically and digitally) . 


We are on a mission to give each members the opportunity to create, curate, and amplify their creativity by providing the right space with the right equipment for audio/video recordings, photography, and unique venues.


Each member will have the ability to hire a professional, book a space, while creating memories/content to share with their audience, all while building an ecosystem of creative arts that ignites hope and makes creating affordable.


So here's what we'll need to make this happen...


  1. A unique spaces/studios (We've found a location that we love, however, we'd love to allow others to host their spaces as well.

  2. Technology/Software that will power our creative space for our users to build their brand experience by booking our studios and services, or find a creative who can assist them in our Creative Collective. Other technological efforts will be in the software needed to power the collective such as Adobe Creative Cloud, Logic Pro X, and Final Cut Pro. 

  3. Equipment: To power of studios, we are in need of lighting, cameras, Audio interfaces, microphones, monitors, photo backdrop (seamless paper). 

  4. Furniture: IKEA will be our best friend, however, we're all for the thrifty nifty finds that will add a touch of personality to the space. 

  5. Funding: We are  seeking to raise $250,000 to support this mission. These funds will help us buildout the studio,  staffing, software, equipment, furniture, , marketing anbut most importantly our lease/rent to house our creative space. 


The Impact

We are not building just a studio or providing just a service. We are creating a culture surrounded by our local communities and world changers. We are creating new entrepreneurial  efforts by providing safe spaces, quality equipment, and education to build again. Whether we are building an Instagram account or a non-profit organization, we've come to the realization that life is a brand and people want to experience life in it's fullness while capturing their journey. The world has gone into storytelling. The Brandbox Project will help tell the story.

Our impact will be mulitgenerational. With programming, incentives, and creative freedom, Brandbox and the Tag Team will make a difference that withstands a lifetime. 


Risks & Challenges

A challenge we're experiencing is building a new brand  and establishing brand trust in the community. We've created customer discovery forms and have our ears to the creative community hearts to build a trusted and believable brand. We also serve the community by providing technical assistance and joining organizations like the DT100 team to get to know more of the Hampton Roads community. 

Another challenge will be funding. We are seeking $150k to build out a space, with the right equipment, marketing and advertising, as well as staffing.

A risk is we can not attest to another pandemic but there's always a risk that COVID may manifest itself again, causing doors to close again. If that happens, we will still be responsible for our lease agreement in whatever space we occupy. 


Ways to help us

  1. Room Dedications: Our room dedications consist of naming our studios after those who have given us a contribution of $10,000 or more. (MAX 5 Spaces) This means in our space, there will be a plaque in honor of our donors. On our website and on our app people will reserve the spaces in your name. Think about it, every booking made in your space will be because you've given other creators hope to build again.

  • Podcast/Recording Studio (2) [Insert Your/Org Name Here] Studio

  • Lounge

  • ​Flex space/ Conference rooms

  • Kitchen

​ 2. Equipment & Furniture Dedications: These dedications consist of tagging every gear or piece in honor of those who have donated or purchased the particular gear. These tags will hang or become printed on the material in the form of stickers and permeate adhesives. A great example will be covering an apple on the back of an Apple computer and replacing it with a dedication badge on behalf of the individual or company. 

3. Website Dedications : Our web dedications means that we will offer a variety of ways to advertise and honor our donors. We will have a donors page that will link to donors businesses or personal profiles. Our web dedications will be a great space for donors to advertise and use backlinks to bring awareness to their brands or movements as well. Our web dedications will consists of: 

  • Full article  (Great opportunity to have a branded one-pager to include a charitable donation and connection to your social media page and items. 

  • Listed on our website: Logo visibility 

  • Course Dedication: We will name one of our courses in honor of our donor

Content Marketing 

As a digital branding company, we'd like to use our social media outlets and other content marketing efforts to highlight all of our donors. Those who are looking to have a social media shot out on our social media channels will be able to select which type of shot outs they'd prefer such as:

  • Post

  • Story + Story Highlight

  • Reel

  • 60 sec clip

Other Content Marketing Efforts will be: 

Podcast Interview 

Podcast Ad (15, 30, 60sec ad)

Book dedication page in our upcoming book" LIFE IS A BRAND " 

1min-3 min clips

Event Dedication 

  • Branding + Marketing Events

  • The Creative Project Launch Party 

  • The Real Social Networking Event 

  • Meet the Collective 

  • Book Signing (Life is a Brand)

Webinars (4 Webinars) 

  • How to communicate your brand story

  • How to communicate your brand’s value

  • Keys to building an authentic brand

  • The Foundations of branding and design 

Our Rewards/Menu

Our goal is to raise $150k to accomplish our mission. With your contributions, we'll be able to obtain the space, build out, equip, and launch so that we can launch other brands. Here's how your can help.