the future is 


Suite 400 offers the space that we are looking for to plant our creative studio. Open concept, minimalistic, and industrial vibe will be the perfect place to house our first studio space.


SUITE 400 will house:

Vlog studio 1: a sound space to record conversations around in a nice wrap around sectional and coffee table. 

Podcast Room: a round table, sound proof walls, and equipment to power the next radio show. 

The open space: all for photography and videography. 


The Design

+ Remove Carpet (exposed floor with gloss on top) 

+Build up the wall for the middle room. This will be the podcast room. 

+Leave the ceilings exposed, but paint it dark. Change the lighting from rectangles to circles like spot lights. 

+Mounted photo walls to house photo backdrops. 

***Potentially adding in a storage locker to house our equipment with a smart lock. 





Roof Inspo
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Polished Floor
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The Creative Vibe
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Catch the Inspo
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